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  • Oak National Academy

    Oak National Academy

    Activity Club: Bite Back 2030

    Bite Back 2030 is a charity that believes all children should have access to healthy food, no matter where they live. ‘Cook With Jack’ was created to help families create affordable, tasty and healthy ‘home-school lunches’ so kids learn valuable cooking skills and have fun along the way.

    Each of the 21 programmes has a shopping list, recipe and easy to follow demonstration to make a lunch

    Maths opportunities include:

    • Calculating cost of the lunch and finding the best price
    • Using the recipe to work out cost per person, or for more people
    • Working out how much time needed to prepare and cook the meal
    • Following the recipe: weighing, cutting ingredients (reading scale, fractions…)

    The overview document shows the recipe used for each programme in the series making it easier for teachers to select particular programmes to include as part of focused home learning provision. Further information for each programme can be found on the Oak Academy website

  • Bite Back 2030: Overview