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    Sign up to Problem Solving in Key Stage 2 Mathematics – 20 April 2023

    by Hannah Richardson -

    The course aims to develop teachers’ pedagogy on the various approaches to teaching the skills needed for effective problem solving – one of the main aims of the National Curriculum. Teachers will have the opportunity to explore the different styles of problems which enable children to develop and embed their mathematical skills.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • To understand the different teaching strategies to use when teaching problem solving
    • To explore various styles of problems which enable children to develop and embed their mathematical understanding
    • To understand what makes a rich problem and how to vary it to meet the needs of all pupils.

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Problem Solving

    Price: Sub £130 / SLA £85 / Full £156

    Upcoming Maths Courses

    by Hannah Richardson -

    A reminder that all of our Maths courses can be found here:

    Course: Upcoming Maths Courses

    You will also find further information including the keyword search to use when searching and making a booking on the Learning Zone.

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    Still time to book - Primary Mathematics: Teaching Mental Strategies and Number Fluency at Key Stage 2 – 2022-23 (Webinar) – 9 November and 8 December 2022

    by Caroline Cain -

    The aim of this course is to explore and develop ideas, pedagogies and the associated subject knowledge to promote and enhance mental strategies in the classroom. Teachers will engage in mathematics from the primary curriculum and explore concepts in greater depth to gain an understanding of the progression in concepts and procedures identified in the national curriculum.

    Learning Outcomes: 

    • Teachers will understand the progression of skills when teaching mental strategies from KS1 to KS2. 
    • Teachers will understand how to teach a range of mental strategies using the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach. 
    • Teachers will understand end of key stage expectations. 
    • Teachers will understand the importance of reasoning and problem solving to support the teaching of number fluency and mental strategies. 

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Mental Strategies

    Price: Sub £230 / SLA £185 / Full £276

    Places are still available on Primary Mathematics: Working at Greater Depth in Mathematics 2022-23 (Webinar) – 13 October, 10 November 2022, 2 February and 2 March 2023

    by Caroline Cain -

    This project will focus on supporting pupils to work at greater depth in mathematics. Evidenced based techniques and strategies teachers can use to enable pupils to work at greater depth will be shared and developed. This will include looking at curriculum and task design, assessment and questioning.

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Mathematics Greater 2022-23

    Price: Sub £140 / SLA £100 / Full £168

    Still time to book - SEND Planning Tool: Using the Pre-Year 1 to Year 3 Mathematics Planning Tools 2022-23 (Webinar) – 10 October and 28 November 2022

    by Caroline Cain -

    The course will explore the effective use of the Pre Year 1- Year 3 SEND Planning Tools in mathematics. The documents have been written to outline the knowledge, concepts and strategies needed to progress from the Early Years Foundation Stage to the year 3 curriculum. The Planning Tool is specifically for pupils with SEN.

    The course will consider:

    • effective pedagogy in mathematics.
    • diagnostic assessment
    • developing pupil independence

    Delegates will have time to reflect on the needs of a child they are teaching and create a bespoke plan for the child.

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword Search: SEND Planning Tool

    Price: Sub £140 / SLA £100 / Full £168

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