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    Picture of Sheila Kyme
    Concrete resources to support place value at KS1 and KS2
    by Sheila Kyme - Monday, 20 May 2019, 10:59 AM

    The maths team have produced a video resource entitled 'Concrete Resources to support place value at KS1 and KS2'. The video provides ideas for the effective use of concrete resources to support childrens' understanding and is suitable for teachers, TAs and SENCOs. The video can be accessed ...

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    Book your place on our Maths courses!
    by Shauna Willmott - Wednesday, 15 May 2019, 10:49 AM

    We've updated the upcoming course page with new events available to book - click here to see what we're offering.

    Picture of Sheila Kyme
    Feedback from 'Leaps in Learning' - mathematics intervention programme for KS1
    by Sheila Kyme - Thursday, 9 May 2019, 12:55 PM

    The maths team have now completed the first run of Leaps in Learning - a mathematical intervention programme for KS1.

    This is some of the feedback from TAs and teachers:

    "It was very comprehensive and well structured"

    "The learning was fun and non-threatening"

    "It was good having a complete box of ...

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    Excerpt from Hantsmaths published on 11 June
    by Shauna Willmott - Friday, 22 June 2018, 12:35 PM

    Life hacks to Year 1 maths …

    Eight years into teaching and I hear the dreaded words from my headteacher: “Can I move you into Year 1 next year?” Half a term in and, other than the huge amounts of excess snot and the mission that is changing the girls back into their tights after PE ...

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