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    Primary Mathematics Core Provision: Headteacher Briefings 2018/19 - various dates and venues

    LMS Code: 10741

    These briefings form part of the Primary Core Mathematics Provision for 2018/19. They cannot be booked as standalone events

    Primary Mathematics - Bar Modelling at KS1 - 27 September 2019

    A course designed to develop teacher subject knowledge in using pictorial approaches to help children to access problem solving.

    Primary Mathematics: New Mathematics Managers  - 4 October 2019

    LMS Code: 10777

    This three-day course will explore key issues in leading and managing mathematics teaching and learning in infant, junior and primary schools.

    Primary Mathematics: Fluency at numbers at KS1 – 8 October 2019

    LMS Code: MATH_10778

    Develop understanding of the importance of fluency in mental strategies and learn how to develop reasoning about number using the CPA approach.

    Primary Mathematics: Teaching fractions at KS2 – 9 October 2019

    LMS Code: MATH_90167

    The course aims to support teachers working in Key Stage 2 with the teaching of fractions. The progression of fractions will be considered and strategies on how to teach key concepts will be explored.

    Primary Mathematics - Effective Provision in Y5 in preparation for end of KS2 - 10 October 2019

    LMS Code: 08638

    Two half days designed to develop teacher subject knowledge of the Y5 and Y6 curriculum in order to start preparing children for the end of KS2 in Y5

    Primary Mathematics: Mathematical reasoning – 11 October 2019

    LMS Code: MATH_00010

    Problem solving will be at the heart of this course, which will develop ideas, pedagogies and the associated subject knowledge to promote and enhance reasoning in the classroom Delegates will explore concepts in greater depth to gain an understanding of the underlying structures and develop the use of insightful questioning skills to encourage deep thinking.

    Primary Mathematics: Leaps in learning – 18 October 2019

    LMS Code: TBC

    A programme designed to develop subject knowledge of core areas of learning in the KS1 curriculum.  Aimed at teachers and teaching assistants who are supporting groups of children who are working below age related expectations in mathematics at both Year 1 or Year 2.

    Primary Mathematics: Expert teaching programme – 23 October 2019

    LMS Code: TBC

    A programme designed for experienced primary teachers of mathematics who wish to further deepen their understanding of mathematics and mathematics teaching and learning. They will achieve HIAS (maths) accreditation and will have the opportunity to share and disseminate good practice through linking with colleagues across the county and modelling quality first teaching in their own schools.

    Secondary Special Schools: Professional Development for Mathematics Subject Managers - 22 October 2019

    LMS Code: MATH_90176

    Professional development for all staff leading mathematics in their school. Exploration of mathematical activities together with updates on national and local issues and discussion as to how these impact on work in Special Schools.