Topic outline

  • Mathematics All Around Us

    Our daily lives are full of mathematical thinking and problem solving from baking and preparing meals, keeping to a budget, knowing what time a TV programme is being broadcast or knowing how long it will take to walk to the shops. In this section you can find ideas for noticing the mathematics in our everyday routines and tasks, indoors and outdoors. Ideas for prompts  that adults can use alongside these activities to support mathematical conversations and problem solving in everyday practical contexts with children of all ages are also included.

  • Maths In The Garden

  • Everyday Tasks and Routines

  • Counting

    We have also included some suggestions for developing counting with all pupils. Being able to count is an essential foundation for all calculation work through Early Years and in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Accurate counting at any age takes practise – five to 10 minutes a day two or three times a week can really make a difference to children’s accuracy and fluency with a range of different types of counting.  Counting can involve knowing the ‘next number’ or the ‘number before’, counting in steps linked to place value for example 10 more or 10 less each time, or counting in multiples from 0, for example counting in 3s from 0 connecting counting with tables knowledge.