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    In order that children develop conceptual understanding of number, they need access to resources that will provide a clear image of our number system. This is the foundation on which calculation builds. At the Mathematics Advisory Centre we have put together a range of resources that will scaffold this progression; from number tracks to number lines, from dice and domino patterns to place value cards and grids. We hope you will find the resources stimulating and that they will help support mathematics teaching in your school.

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  • Numberlink Boards™

    The Numberlink Board helps children in learning multiplication by building a strong visual picture, improving their ability to recall number facts with understanding.

    Each pupil board measures 40cm x 10cm and has a dry erase finish on both sides. The large format demo board measures 80cm x 20cm and also comes with a dry erase surface both sides.

    Schools purchasing the boards will receive a password to the Creativemaths4all website so that they can acess any training slides.

    Available to purchase from the Mathematics Advisory Centre catalogue. Prices quoted are for subscribing schools.

    • NUML01: pack of 10 cards - £15.00
    • NUML02: pack of 30 cards - £36.00
    • NUML03: Single large format demonstration board - £6.00