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 The displays above show the importance of the CPA approach (concrete, pictorial and abstract) in providing children with multi-representations and developing their conceptual understanding of Mathematics. 

Every Child Counts: 1stClass@Number1 and 1stClass@Number2

A new round of ECC 1stClass@Number courses begin in July 2017.

!stClass@Number 1 is a TA led light touch intervention programme with an idenfied teacher. It is designed to support small groups of children in Y2 or Y3 who need more support to secure the Year 1 objectives in mathematics (MATH0216)

1stClass@Number 2 is again a light touch intervention led by a TA with a link teacher who work with children at the end of Year 2 or with older children who are working significantly below age related expectations.  The programme enables TAs to help raise the attainment of children with moderate difficulties in mathematics. (MATH0218)

More information can be found on the learning zone using the course codes above 


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