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The Primary Core Maths Manager Conferences begin in February through to March 2018.

The district-led conferences will be led by Mohi Uddin Ahmed. 

Learning Through Problem Solving

In this key note speech, Mohi Uddin Ahmed will take us through how teaching through problem solving can have a powerful impact on pupils learning.  Problem solving now plays an even bigger part in primary lessons and research from Cockcroft report (1982), and many others, have indicated that mathematics teaching at all levels should include problem solving.

Mohi Uddin will look at cross-curricular opportunities and deliver a very hands-on and successfully taught 'outstanding' lesson to give us an idea of how effective a cross-curricular lesson can be and why we should plan and deliver cross-curricular lessons whenever we can. Along with the lesson, we will have an opportunity to go through some challenging non-conventional problems in the hope that we can start to reason, generalise and make mathematical connections. 


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    Courses with availability in January and February
    by Sheila Kyme - Thursday, 21 December 2017, 3:26 PM

    18 January - Every Child Counts - Success@Arithmetic-Calculation. (MATH0208) Intervention course for TAs with a lead teacher. This may be the last occasion when Hampshire will be able to offer training in this very effective intervention programme.

    09 February - Mental Strategies: facts and ...

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