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Diagnostic Mathematics Task Packs available to purchase

Diagnostic Mathematics Task Packs available to purchase

by Sheila Kyme -
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Supports class teachers in using 15-minute diagnostic pupil conferencing to inform teaching to address gaps in pupil learning. This resource is aimed at pupils whose progress seems to have unexpectedly slowed or who seem to have a specific aspect in maths they are finding challenging.
A series of mathematics tasks and questions designed to progressively explore pupils’ knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills from the summer term in one year-group through to the spring term in the following year-group.
Tasks cover a range of mathematical domains including number and place value, calculation, fractions and measurement.

Each diagnostic task pack includes

·       Booklet with 24 tasks suggested diagnostic key questions for each task, National Curriculum links and suggestions for next steps in learning.

·       A second booklet with space to make assessment notes

·       Pupil task cards, colour coded for ease of reference.

 £45 per pack or

£40 per pack if purchasing more than one.

Contact Helen Martin ( for details or to place an order. 

***Please click on Maths Products on the maths moodle front page to view samples from the booklets.


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