Topic outline

  • Leaps in Learning a maths intervention programme for Key Stage 1

    A programme designed to develop subject knowledge of core areas of learning in the KS1 curriculum. Aimed at teachers and Teaching Assistants who are supporting groups of children who are working below age related expectations in maths at both Year 1 or Year 2.

    Learning Outcomes
    The programme (one full day and three half days) is designed to be used as a pre-teaching tool to enable pupils to access the KS1 curriculum in class with confidence and make more rapid progress in their learning. It is an adaptable programme to cater for pupils needing additional support to achieve ARE at the end of the year. Leaps in Learning will develop pupils’ fluency and confidence with whole and part numbers. Calculations, reasoning and problem solving are addressed together with the acquisition and use of mathematical language.

    Day 1. Introduction to programme – Identifying children; diagnosing the gaps; setting it up. Place   Value and Number.
    Day 2. Addition and subtraction
    Day 3. Multiplication and division & Fractions
    Day 4. Review of programme and progress. Data collection.

    Lead teacher to attend with the TA the morning of day 1 and also day 4.

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