The Hampshire Maths Team Moodle+ Area

The national curriculum for mathematics aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics - know and use your number and calculation facts and skills really well.
  • reason mathematically - be able to talk about the maths you are doing and explain your  thinking
  • can solve problems - have a range of ways to solve different problems and be prepared to stick at it

The materials offered on the moodle+ site will reflect these aims.

Materials will be added to or updated on a half termly basis and will include classroom ideas, articles on current issues in mathematics education and ideas on how to support colleagues in school.

We have started to build a resource folder using ‘TASC’, ‘Thinking Actively in a Social Context’. This develops the work of Belle Wallace, offering cross curricular activities with a mathematical focus. There are resources for secondary and primary included.

Two articles to support out thinking around reaching the standard at KS2 and at KS4 are included in this initial offer. They include research, comment and ideas from the Hampshire maths team based on work in primary and secondary schools following the 2017 SATs and GCSEs.

To support colleagues’ development of their understanding of variation, some ideas for a staff or department meeting are also included.